Top 10 richest man in Pakistan 2024

Top 10 richest people in Pakistan 2023 Rich List

Top 10 richest people in Pakistan from 2021 to 2023.
Most of you have been asking us “How many billionaires in Pakistan”, “Malik Riaz net worth 2023”, and “Imran Khan net worth 2023. Currently, there are about 10 billionaires in Pakistan who have been listed by CNN, Ugwire, and Forbes magazine. In this article, we shall share with you the Rich List of the top 10 richest men or people in Pakistan in 2023 today.

Who is the richest man in Pakistan 2023?

Currently, Shahid Rafiq Khan is the richest man in Pakistan in 2023 with a net worth of $8.54 billion today.

Shahid Khan is the owner of Flex-N-Gate, an American automotive company. Again, Shahid Khan is also the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League, Fulham F.C. of the Emgland Premier League, and co-owner of All Elite Wrestling.

Who is the richest Pakistani in the UK?

Muhammad Anwar Parvez is now the richest Pakistani in the UK in 2023, and the second richest man in Pakistan with a net worth of $4.6 billion.

Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez OBE, HPk is a Pakistani-born British billionaire businessman and owner of Bestway Group. Similarly, Anwar Parvez is the Chairman of the United Bank Ltd.

In summary, below is a list of the top 10 richest people or men in Pakistan from 2022 to 2023. Have a look at the list from our most recent discoveries;

Top 10 richest people in Pakistan 2023

  1. Shahid Rafiq Khan. Net Worth 2023 – $8.54 billion.
  2. Muhammad Anwar Parvez. Net Worth 2023 – $4.6 billion.
  3. Sadruddin Hashwani. Net Worth 2023 – $4 billion.
  4. Mian Muhammad Mansha. Net Worth 2023 – $2.8 billion.
  5. Asif Ali Zardari. Net Worth 2023 – $1.9 billion.
  6. Malik Riaz. Net Worth 2023 – $1.53 billion.
  7. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. Net Worth 2023 – $1.45 billion.
  8. Nasir Schon. Net Worth 2023 – $1.27 billion.
  9. Rafique M. Habib. Net Worth 2023 – $1.2 billion. And finally on the top 10 list of the richest men in Pakistan 2023,
  10. Tariq Saigo. Net Worth 2023 – $0.95 billion.

Lastly, here are the 10 wealthiest people in the UK, United Kingdom in 2023.

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